Thursday, October 8, 2009


MY dad comes home tommorow! It's about time! lol. After 10 days, while he was sniper training, me and my family were very bored. But now it's gonna be all happy again when he comes home!

Oh and also tommorow is Boxy's birthday! Let me explain:
-Boxy is a tissue box that sits upon our desk in class
-Almost everyone knows her
-She's fun to have, but she has lonely issue's so she watches Oprah :-)

Also is the premiere of the Wizards of Wavery Place season 3! Although i'm more of a computer person, rather then a tv and movie watcher. So um yeah, that's my friday!

(Why don't I have a feeling sunny is going to be commenting?)

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  1. its ok just ignore her delete her comments! she'll stop sometime! when she gets bored of typing nothing! lol.