Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Solution!

It took all day, but it worked! In bag #1 we have a mini purse, a headband, a watermelon scented candle, paper flower magnets, a rock magnet, a beaded ring, and a bracelet!
Then in bag #2 I have the card, hello kitty chap sticks, and paper flowers that smell like baby powder lol.
And since I didn't have any party bags, I used paper lunch bags decorated them.

I hope Judy likes it!!!

Judy's b-day party

Help! I only have a day to get my friend Judy her birthday present together! I have some stuff ready, but other than that, any ideas?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ice cream and cake!

Omg, I love the new Baskin Robbins commercial, its so much fun to dance to. I went to their site and I got the lyrics (it wasn't easy). That's one of their ice cream cakes.

Ice cream and cakey-cake, (4x)
Ice cream and cake do the ice cream and cake, (4x)
Sip, sip, sip, slide,
Sip, sip, sip, and slide, (2x)
Stop, hold up, back beat,
Ride with ya boy and sip and slide, (3x)
Paul they want ice cream and cake.
Ice cream and cake do the ice cream and cake, (4x)
Now who that is with a ice cream and cake,
Party ain’t lying with out ice cream and cake,
What you want, some ice cream and cake,
All the kids like ice cream and cake!
Ice cream and cake do the ice cream and cake, (4x)
Sip, sip, sip, slide,
Sip, sip, sip and slide, (2x)
Stop, hold up, back beat,
Ride with ya boy and sip and slide, (3x)
Paul, they want ice cream and cake,
Ice cream and cake do the ice cream and cake, (4x)
Ice cream and cakey-cake, (4x)Get some cookies and eat them with it too.

Click here and when you get to the site, just sit back and listen to the song!

Or click here, here, or here! Go see it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sara's bro Sean

This is me and Sara's brother Sean (flappy) at the CB concert.
The only question is, where is sara? comment her! And ask her why she's been so quiet. ;-)

It's them!

Okay, on Club Penguin, me, appleishange, and ashia were at the dojo, and some guy says, "Penguin Band is at the iceberg!!!" So we went to the iceberg and...
It was them! The real Penguin band!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New pin

Saturday, July 18, 2009

San diego!

It was sooooooo much fun! I really enjoyed visiting my grandma and seeing her new apartment! It really suits her!
We went to this awesome mall with dozens of stores called "Fashion Valley"
AAhhh! A palm tree!!!

Jk. A very small palm tree. lol
Those are palm trees.

The beach was beautiful! I found many shells, many SMALL shells.
There's my grandma and my little sis Makayla.
The water didn't have any waves, it was fun to swim in, and you can even go boating there!
Great place for joggers and bikers.
My fave car, the cruiser.

This is a very pretty bracelet I found at a store called Childrens place.
My sisters and I got to meet the famous commercial stars, the Manequins at Old Navy!
We went to Jcpennys after.
Ikea was fun to visit.
At the last stop on our journey, I found my new favorite car, the Cooper.
So that was it, I had a great time and now since i'm finish blogging about my trip, I need to email my grandma about the post. See you guys later!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm back!

I'm back from my trip, and I have pics of my adventure. I'll blog about it later on. Anyways, how's everyone doing? ;-)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm leaving to San Diego right now! See you guys later!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

San Diego here I come!

I have ANOTHER trip to the beach on Thursday & Friday. I'm going to my grandma's house in San Diego. So I won't be here tommorow. I don't know which beach i'm going to for sure, yet. Anyways, comment my as much as possible if you have any questions, comments, statments, whatever before tommorow!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zuma beach!

I'm back from ZUMA beach, not Zumalibu. It was very pretty! It was all fun and games until my friend Kyndall and I got to the actual water. It was so eww! Well it was pretty cool, but there was ALOT of seaweed just floating in the water. And when I was trying to find some sand dollars, all I got was sand crabs. Anyways, look at my Beach Findings!

Beach sand!!! :-D

My Beach Findings box

These a pics of the box a made for the trip to Zumalibu beach. So when I find shells and stuff, I put them in here.
I made it with a large, medium, small, and extra small compartments.
It has a string so it can be carried all around the beach with me!

The beach

I'm going to the beach today. I guess it's "Zumalibu" beach or something. I don't know. Well see ya later bloggers and readers. Remeber to check out my favorite and previous posts:

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And last, but most certaintly not least
-The party

Monday, July 13, 2009

My mummy's button

Click on the button to see my mom's blog! (That's a pic of my baby sister, Makayla)

She's back! And has a new friend!

"Hey hey hey people! I'm back from working at my many jobs (so called jobs), but I wanted to tell you about my friend who helped me at work."
"Well here he is ladies and gentlemen, my friend Eric. So Eric, how's life treating ya?"
"It's been good. Still trying to relax every now and then."

"Eric, please tell our viewers about our many adventures."
"I'd be glad to. Okay where to start. Hm... Oh! We were agents, assistants, cooks, travelers to many cities, party guests, inventors, scientists, doctors, actors, entrepreneurs, scuba divers, police officers, F.B.I, and...
"Okay okay! They get it!" Sophie said.
So that's that. My new friend Eric off to adventures. Sometime later, I'll tell you about my friend Henry.
But that's another story.

Friday, July 10, 2009


My friends Ally and Eli wanted me to tell you guys about their blog so go check it out! Click here to get to their blog!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going green is my thing

OKAY. First, you know, obviously, our earth is suffering from pollution, trees being cut down, and people just not caring. Look at the chain reaction from our enviorment to us:

-Honeybees are disappearing = Less plants we eat don't get pollinated = Many fruits, nuts, and veggies can't grow ~ LESS FOOD FOR PEOPLE.

-Forests are being cut down = Fewer trees to absorb CO2 from the air = Less clean air ~ HARDER FOR PEOPLE TO BREATHE.

- Amphibians are endangered = Too many mosquitoes = Mosquitoes carry diseases ~ PEOPLE GET SICK.

I know people keep nagging you about our enviorment, but I'm not nagging you, I'm telling you. It's a lot of fun to help. That's why, I'm going to make myself a "green" studio at my grandpa's house on Sunday. Many kids have started organizations and programs to help our enviorment. I'm thinking of starting one too. Although I need somewhere to think about that... Oh! What a coincidence, that's why I'm making a green studio! Cya later bloggers and readers,


Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet me at the club, it's going down

My penguin's name is 24611iyana. Just like my site address! Meet me there.


On my last post, my friend's Kayla and Lola wanted me to tell you to check out their blogs!
For Kayla's blog click here. For Lola's blog, click here. Please please please, check them out! They are wonderful blogs to view, that's why I'm following the both of them! :-D

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The party

I'm back from the party, and it was great! Here are some pics.

I ate some Filipino food and watermelon. yum.
The birthday girls! The two twins, Riley and Reagan!
Pretty cake.
Dozens and dozens of gifts!
Very good food.
Lots of presents = A big tornado like wrapping paper storm
Everything was all good, until my sister became a ice cream bar thief lol.
It was so much fun, until the bounce house incident. Get this me, my sisters, my friend Alana, and the twins we're jumping around in the bounce house when all the other guests left. So we're having fun until "PPPSSSSSSTTTTTT." The air pump stopped blowing the air into the jumper.
I said, "Get down!" but everyone stood still. We started sinking into the jumper. It was horrible and funny at the same time. Me and my baby sis Makayla we're panicking. Wouldn't you panic if you were in a sinking bounce house, and being the farthest from the door to get out? I know I would. We all got out eventually with the help of the adults. Know I learned a couple of lessons from this party:

  1. Being a baby daycare would totally be my thing
  2. Don't put a gift with wrapping paper. In the bag will do just fine.
  3. I enjoy babies alot.
  4. Riley and Reagan get twice the presents each party.
Although it was fun escaping the jumper. It's like a episode of Fear Factor or Survivor.