Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deja Vu

Have you ever experienced deja vu? If you don't know what it is, it's when you feel as if something had happend again. If you want to experience that, please click here.

Deja vu huh?

Have you ever experienced deja vu? If you don't know what it is, it's when you feel as if
something had happend again. If you want to experience that, please click here.
Deja vu huh?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My house on Kidscom.com

I haven't been on Club Penguin as much lately, cause I finally discovered how to buy stuff for my house on this website called kidscom.com. It's really fun and if you want to join in, click on www.kidscom.com.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


You know how me and my sisters lost our first games? Well this week, we all won our games!
I can't believe me and the girls beat the u12 boys! The score was 4-3. It was soooo awesome when I flicked the ball in the air and scored a goal! My friend, Taylor, rocked the forewords today cause she got the other 3 goals! Peace out for now ppls!


Friday, September 25, 2009

My friend told me too so...

My bff sara (www.17sara17.blogspot.com) told me to do a post on this story i'm writing! Usually I don't write horrors, but this one just had to be written. It's about how me and my classmates did the a intruder drill at school (you know that one post) and after that day, it was haloween and everybody's "injury" actually starts coming to life! I trust all of you guys, but I don't want to give off hints about my story until my and sara send it off to a publishing company and get published and make $money$ :-). Peace out for now!


Let me catch up a bit

OKAY. I haven't been blogging as much as I have wanted to lately, because I got in trouble (no reason) earlier this week. First, my little sis robin won her game :-), I did a presentation in class about my snowglobe collection, we swaped desks today so i'm sitting next to my bffs, and here is the answers to the scavenger hunt!

1 The "Circle of life" project is finished!
2 Page counters
3 The Subway Challenge
4 Ducks ahoy!
5 September 11th
6 Rainy Days
7 May Day
8 Paranoid
9 Going green with a greenhouse
10 Today is the day!
11 The only two people on Earth
12 Ice cream and cake!
13 He answered!:-D
14 San Diego!
15 Viva las Vegas!
16 America's best dance crew week 2
17 Series of unfortunate events
18 Swine Flu
19 Sigh
20 They're getting married!
21 Sink or float
22 Optical Illusions
23 Cars
24 Tanning is made for people (and dogs!)
25 Meat a.k.a Brisket

I hope you guys joined in and happy Friday! (I have another soccer game tommorow! :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So far so good

My little sis Jasmine, and her team one they're 2nd game today, and later at 10 a.m we have to go to my other little sister Robin's game. I don't have a game this week, but I will next week!

Monday, September 14, 2009

100th post Scanvenger hunt!

Hi guys! Sophie here to host Iyana's 100th post scavenger hunt! What you guys need to do is: Comment or make a post on which pictures go with which posts on this blog.
On September 21, this hunt will end, and I'll tell you guys the answers!
Lets begin!
1. This one was fun to do in class!
2.Lots of people!
3. Subway is AWESOME!!!

4. I took these pics with my camera for the first time!
5. The day we will never forget...
6. Rain keeps me sunny!
7. How peaceful..
8. Some people don't like them, but I do!

9. The very beginning of Iyana's Discoveries and Projects (HUGE hint)
10. The day for the mom's!
11. Last people on the planet
12. Almost enter the contest, but didn't

13. I thought he'd never reply!
14. Me and my beloved grandma...
15. Can't go to Vegas with out friends!
16. My fave show with my fave team!
17. Almost done with the series!

18. A huge disease that got america going crazy!
19. What a dipressing day...
20. Aww! Look at the newlyweds!
21. Swimming is fun!
22. This one hurt my eyes when I found the picture!
23. My fave car..
24. Tanning is very common!
25. And last, my favorite kind of meat... mmm

All right hunters! Get a move on! Number the answers with the correct post and comment me! Can't wait how much progress you guys made!
and $Sophie$
Then it won't be fun! :-)
Oh and happy birthday to my little sis Makayla who's turning two!!!
Happy Birthday to Makayla!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aww come on!

We lost, by 3 goals. After me and my sisters game was done, we went to McDonalds, went home, took showers and baths, ate lunch, and went to sleep. If you want to see my mom's version of it, click here.

Grand opening soccer game!

Today is my first game against the dreaded U12 boys. I think me and the girls can smoke them though :-). I'll get pictures from the event and post them up later.
Wish me luck!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Disaster drill done!

Today was sooooooo much fun! Me and my class mates on the 6th grade sides got to experience what would happen if you had a injury during a intruder alert. So me and friends after getting instructions from the office, we went to a empty class room and had to act out our injuries until the police and firemen got there. At the office, one of the police people handed out a slip of paper to tell us what our injury was, and mine was "broken left ankle". At first I was thinking, "why is it left ankle, why not the right?" Oh well. So then after lying on the ground for 20 minutes, firemen came in and inspected how hurt we were. It depends the state of the injury of how you'll be graded such as green card, yellow, red, or black. Black is the worst injury yet cause if you get a black card... you're dead lol. I got a yellow card. My friend Sara (www.17sara17.blogspot.com)
Her injury was a bunch of deep cuts on her legs. Ouch. I had to be carried out of the room by a 2 firemen to the cafeteria where they called the "treatment area". Other then that, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!


September 11th

We will never forget...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My favorite outfit...

he he he. pretty.

Page counters!

My original blog:
My cooking blog:


After 2 weeks of 323 pages, from reading book 11 from my favorite series is finally done!
(Now I need to find #12) :-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


On Friday evening, at 4:30, I went to my grandpa's house to spend the weekend there with my cousins from San Bernadino.
Then Sunday afternoon at 2:30, I left and came back home, for 2 hours to get another bag for my bff's Judy's slumber party!
Then on Monday, at 4:30 once again, I came home, and went to sleep at 5 p.m (I was felling very low on energy) and went to sleep the whole night until I had to wake up at 6, to go to school!

Very busy am I!


Back from my packed weekend!

I'm back! I explain all the details later.


Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm gonna be gone..

I going to spend the weekend at my grandpa's house with my cousins! So all you have a splendid Labor day weekend!!



Thursday, September 3, 2009

I get sushi!

For the 90% I got my on my math test, my family are gonna go out for sushi!! Hurray! I don't know when though :-S. That's all my fellow bloggers and readers. Have a wonderful day!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jerking is the new dance at my school!

Me. My friends. and my pupils. LOVE TO JERK! Ever since last friday, all of the 6th grade would gather in one spot, and have a jerk contest! I saw some awesome moves out there, and I really want to join, but I need my friends along side me to do it! :-D Thanks for reading this Iyana update. That is all. lol

I did it!

I shook off the nerve, raised my hand, got up there, and did it! I did my presentaion for my Circle of my life project! It was fun, mostly when I got to the blogging questions. Well ttyl fellow bloggers and readers!!