Friday, September 11, 2009

Disaster drill done!

Today was sooooooo much fun! Me and my class mates on the 6th grade sides got to experience what would happen if you had a injury during a intruder alert. So me and friends after getting instructions from the office, we went to a empty class room and had to act out our injuries until the police and firemen got there. At the office, one of the police people handed out a slip of paper to tell us what our injury was, and mine was "broken left ankle". At first I was thinking, "why is it left ankle, why not the right?" Oh well. So then after lying on the ground for 20 minutes, firemen came in and inspected how hurt we were. It depends the state of the injury of how you'll be graded such as green card, yellow, red, or black. Black is the worst injury yet cause if you get a black card... you're dead lol. I got a yellow card. My friend Sara (
Her injury was a bunch of deep cuts on her legs. Ouch. I had to be carried out of the room by a 2 firemen to the cafeteria where they called the "treatment area". Other then that, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!


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