Friday, September 25, 2009

Let me catch up a bit

OKAY. I haven't been blogging as much as I have wanted to lately, because I got in trouble (no reason) earlier this week. First, my little sis robin won her game :-), I did a presentation in class about my snowglobe collection, we swaped desks today so i'm sitting next to my bffs, and here is the answers to the scavenger hunt!

1 The "Circle of life" project is finished!
2 Page counters
3 The Subway Challenge
4 Ducks ahoy!
5 September 11th
6 Rainy Days
7 May Day
8 Paranoid
9 Going green with a greenhouse
10 Today is the day!
11 The only two people on Earth
12 Ice cream and cake!
13 He answered!:-D
14 San Diego!
15 Viva las Vegas!
16 America's best dance crew week 2
17 Series of unfortunate events
18 Swine Flu
19 Sigh
20 They're getting married!
21 Sink or float
22 Optical Illusions
23 Cars
24 Tanning is made for people (and dogs!)
25 Meat a.k.a Brisket

I hope you guys joined in and happy Friday! (I have another soccer game tommorow! :-)

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  1. yay and it was for a reason.... a stupid one!!