Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going green is my thing

OKAY. First, you know, obviously, our earth is suffering from pollution, trees being cut down, and people just not caring. Look at the chain reaction from our enviorment to us:

-Honeybees are disappearing = Less plants we eat don't get pollinated = Many fruits, nuts, and veggies can't grow ~ LESS FOOD FOR PEOPLE.

-Forests are being cut down = Fewer trees to absorb CO2 from the air = Less clean air ~ HARDER FOR PEOPLE TO BREATHE.

- Amphibians are endangered = Too many mosquitoes = Mosquitoes carry diseases ~ PEOPLE GET SICK.

I know people keep nagging you about our enviorment, but I'm not nagging you, I'm telling you. It's a lot of fun to help. That's why, I'm going to make myself a "green" studio at my grandpa's house on Sunday. Many kids have started organizations and programs to help our enviorment. I'm thinking of starting one too. Although I need somewhere to think about that... Oh! What a coincidence, that's why I'm making a green studio! Cya later bloggers and readers,