Saturday, July 18, 2009

San diego!

It was sooooooo much fun! I really enjoyed visiting my grandma and seeing her new apartment! It really suits her!
We went to this awesome mall with dozens of stores called "Fashion Valley"
AAhhh! A palm tree!!!

Jk. A very small palm tree. lol
Those are palm trees.

The beach was beautiful! I found many shells, many SMALL shells.
There's my grandma and my little sis Makayla.
The water didn't have any waves, it was fun to swim in, and you can even go boating there!
Great place for joggers and bikers.
My fave car, the cruiser.

This is a very pretty bracelet I found at a store called Childrens place.
My sisters and I got to meet the famous commercial stars, the Manequins at Old Navy!
We went to Jcpennys after.
Ikea was fun to visit.
At the last stop on our journey, I found my new favorite car, the Cooper.
So that was it, I had a great time and now since i'm finish blogging about my trip, I need to email my grandma about the post. See you guys later!


  1. omg iyana did u go up to someones car and pose?!?!?! lol lol lol! but anyway loli hope u had a fun time (nice palm trees btw)(by the way) lol ur so awesome! and very funny!

  2. I did go up to somebody's car (when he was like two feet away from his car lol) Your awesomer! And on sunday i'm going to have a craft sale at my grandpas house.

  3. !!!!! lol ur so crazy (in a good friends way) lol

  4. are you online still kuz if u are were on at the same time kool!

  5. ps i want a flag counter how do i get one!

  6. and how do i get my name "Sara" instead of saras dicoveries above wut i say?!?! i want to change it please tell me how