Saturday, October 10, 2009

Attempting the dreaded french toast

Tomorrow at my grandpa's house, I'm going to try to make french toast (again). The last time I made it, I literally dunked the bread in the eggs, and it turned out all soggy in the end. So this time, I'm gonna get a basting brush or something and lightly wipe the egg on the bread. Let's hope it turns out better!


  1. angel baby, yes you are gonna be a good chef justremember you learn from your mistakes. anyhow make sure the bowl you have the eggs in is big enough to sit the bread in and just lay the bread on top of the egg and cinnamon mixture count to three and turn over to coat the other side count to three and place in a hot but not too hot pan and it should turn out fine.

  2. now you should do good!lol i have no clue how to make french toast so good thing shes the one telling you not me lol jk

  3. I also have no clue how to make that, my dad does, he made it twiece for breakfast, it's good :D