Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good news... and bad news

Hmm let's start with the bad news...

1. We lost.
2. My dad was coaching (and he said he wasn't gonna yell. ya right.)
3. I busted my lip

Now we can recover with some good news...

1. I scored a goal (dollar for me!)
2. That was't the last time we play them!

I guess on Halloween or something is the very last time we play them. So yeah.
(Touches lip)
um okay bye!


  1. When I had the ball, this dude named Andrew pushed me down and when my mouth hit the ground, it made me bite my lip.

  2. omg are you okay? I don't play sports i suck but my friend alice does and she get's hurt like all the time. its actually kinda funny. anyways, hope your okay. :)

  3. Ow. That reminds me of this 1 time that I was really little (like 3 or sumptin) and i was spinnin around near a couch and i tripped and hit my face on 1 of the metal bars for the arms of it. and my lip started bleeding and my face was just covered in blood and i was screaming so loud that my mom ran out and saw me. she was about ready 2 call 911 wen she saw me. lol now i kinda laugh at it but i was scared 2 death then lol.

  4. lol wow that must really hurt! I have done that before it hurt! Oh and remember when Mrs. Carter said when she was little she tried to do the russian dance and that happend to her to? lol