Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today my mom, her friend Trina, my sisters, and Trina's twins, went to a flea market at Stallion Springs. It's a part of Tehachapi, but it's own little community. So first I got this bracelet from a lady's booth:
It starts out like a connected slinky,
But when you put it around your wrist and flatten it, it looks like this!

And I got this collectors Seaworld bell from a lady who collected Seaworld spoons, thimbles, bells, you name it!

We ended the day by going to Burger King and going home.


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  2. HEy it's madeline! love your blog! I have a question? YOu know how you have the flowers in the backround? Well how do you upload those pictures? Comment on my blog to answer me please!

  3. iyana i got a penguin on club penguin

  4. Very interesting bracelet. As you may already know, my penguin's name is Rassbert and I have a blog specifically for Club Penguin stuff. I'm having a party today if you'd like to come.