Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

This week, I went to Las Vegas, and trust me, vegas is vegas. My family and I had loads of fun! But before we left, I had to bring these two...
After three hours of driving, we arrived at the very well-knowed Las Vegas. So um, which hotel are we staying at? The Rio?That place?
The Luxor?
Neither! We stayed at the Tuscany, and it was awesome! (Note to self: If your gonna pick a hotel, pick this one!)
That's me and my dad at the main swimming pool, I bought myself a swim cap so my hair wouldn't get wet. It keeps the water out, but it makes your head feel like it's being sucked by a vacuum cleaner!
My little sister Jasmine acting silly (as usual).
At the pool, I learned how to do the breaststroke and another technique (Note to self: If your gonna swim in the deep end, do it right. Or else you'll be pulled out of the water by pedestrians several times).
This is the lap pool. When I went with my sister Robin and my dad, this lady taught me some swimming styles. We should have went in this one first! It was the right height, because the whole pool was only 3ft deep!
The lap pool had a jacuzzi too. And next to it, was a gym, where me and my dad worked out at! I lost 107 calories! But then ate it back at dinner. (Note to self: Don't eat three slices of pizza, four bread sticks, a cup of lemonade, and marinara sauce all at once. It makes your belly want to jump out of your insides and puke itself in the toilet).
My little sis Makayla at a outlet store.
When it was time to leave, I took some last minute pics. This is a pic of the "New York New York" hotel.
This is a statue near the MGM hotel. The hotel is right next to this place called "M&M World", but sadly we didn't go.
So, how do we get back? No worries, I have a map. :-)
I bought this snow globe at the outlet mall to add on to my collection. Now I have 9 snow globes!

I wish we could have stayed a little longer, to do some more sightseeing and stuff, but hey, one more night with me and my sisters, my parents would have...
He he he. Well that was it, my three day trip. Talk to you later bloggers and readers! :-D


  1. D351 (Desiree)- sup 5ara wacha doin'.
    1y@n@ (Iyana)- Hey sara! School is almost here!!! chills. Oh and i won't be here next week, cause im going to Las Vegas (again) and myu grandma is coming out.