Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tommorow's the day!

Tommorow is the day I officially become a 6th grader! When school starts, it's gonna be awesome, cause I can see my bffs, my new teacher, and see the new cafeteria and library! Omg i'm so happy! And I can wear my new outfit:

This pretty purple shirt (my sister had to hold it) with a pair of white shorts.
Along with a ring and purple earrings.

Although the shoes i'm not so sure about, cause I have two pairs, but one pair isn't close to matching my outfits colors, and the other pair only works if I have jeans on. Oh well :-)


  1. what up with your sisters face she looks grossed out by the outfit well i most definitely love it!
    btw nice ring!

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  3. your mean to iyana she didnt even wear the ring gosh