Thursday, August 13, 2009

Soccer Practice!

Today at soccer practice, it was fun, but it kinda got messed up at the end. We did some drills, but my fave part was when my my team did a practice game against the boys. We started the game with 6 people on my team and 7 on the other. But then in the middle of the game, one of the girls had to leave, so we were left with 5 players. Then one of the other girls got hit twice at the same time (long story) so then were left with 4 players. but we still managed to crush them in the end :-). Kinda. The score was 2 to 1 and I scored the two so that was a bonus. And i'm just lovin our new team name "Fire Angels". Our uniform colors might be red and white. So um, yay! Can't wait until our next practice! Go Fire Angels! :-D


  1. i <3 soccer im pretty good at it to! i dont play but i would like to.

  2. oh yea u should do another post about sohpie agian i miss her lol but u mostly lol