Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soccer :-S

Why oh why did the fun in soccer have to stop? Yesterday was me and the sharks last game, and we won. It was like the best day ever, until today. That's when I played my first club game, but there was some difficulty for me:
-The field was HUGE
-I played on a team with all BOYS
-This one dude elbowed me in the lip, and it was a little swollen.
-And when I racing to the ball against this person from the other team, i got there, but right when my foot touched it, i fell and slipped onto my butt :-(.

Good news!

Yesterday, my mom and dad took me and my little sisters to L.A to see the live show of (our household favorite kids tv show) Yo Gabba Gabba. (Sara seems to make fun of me about this but whatever.) It was so much fun, cause all the songs and effects, and just going there made it all awesome. Then after, that evening, it was all a blur cause we were driving back, and I kept on waking up and going to sleep, so I can't really tell what went on there lol.

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